Komma Games : about

Hi! My name is Kevin, and I am Komma.

Komma is a tiny game developer situated in northeast Georgia. My goal is to help you fill those moments of silence, anxiety, and boredom in your life with games to make you calm, engaged, and curious. Along the way I'll be sharing what I learn about technology, design, the world around us, and the people in it.

The name "Komma" represents several things to me:

At some point in the future I'll have games you can play and ways you can support my future endeavors. Until then, please enjoy my blog content (which I use basically like "tweets I want to rememeber").

Ultimately, we all want to figure out some way, uniquely suited to the person we are and the professions we can become, to make the world a better place than it was when we were born. This is the reason I decided to make video games. I hope you find something here to make your day a little better.